The client testimonials speak for themselves. It is a reflection of the quality work Prism has provided them, each time. The following is a small cross section of views and opinions of many clients that Prism has received in the past.
Prism’s provided my firm the expertise and help it needed for the price agreed upon. The benefits of working with Prism outweighed the costs. As in any project of size, problems, difficulties, changes, and normal day-to-day issues come up that are not part of the original plan. Our project was no different and Prism worked every issue to our satisfaction. In some instances items we requested that were out of scope were completed by Prism at no additional cost. I recommend Prism and will definitely work with them in the future.
Tad Stephens

Prism Software has been a life-saver to us on THREE different projects, all given to them over a 2-week span. We had ridiculously short deadlines, but they gamely took on all 3 projects, and have surpassed our expectations! We were nervous about working with a non-U.S. company, but have had no problems whatsoever. They have been prompt, responsive, and easy to communicate with via email…When we request changes/adjustments, they immediately begin the changes without complaint. I HIGHLY recommend their services… My only fear is that too many companies will start using their services, thus limiting their availability to our company! We intend to keep them quite busy with work year-round!
Jeniffer Finetti

Prism did an excellent job with our project. It was a pretty complex job and they always responded quickly to all feedback and worked dilligently to get it working exactly as we wanted it.
Tim Gross

PRISM is an outstanding resource — professional, accurate, on time, and cost-effective. PRISM is easy to work with, very collaborative, communicative, and they get the job done beautifully. Pradeep Kothari leads Team PRISM. He is absolutely a refreshing and trusted professional. We”re not only pleased, we are proud of our new India partnership. Thank you PRISM.
A.M. Fosbinder, President

The team at Prism Software are true web professionals. They dealt with the most complex issues in a straightforward manner and went above the call of duty to see that our site was 100% correct. We had many bids that were much higher in price, but they achieved the desired results for the quoted price. I would recommend their services to anyone who wants professional results, quality work, and very flexible and friendly service.

Pradeep and the Prism team are the best. They completed the project requested ahead of time, with the most communication, and highest professionalism possible. They were more patient than they should have been with delays caused by us – I really appreciated working with them. I look forward to working with the Prism team again.

It took me a while to find a credible development team who could complete the our unique Lottery project within a time frame and for the right price. I was fortunate to find Prism and awarded the project. Prism commenced the project immediately within one hour capturing the theme and structure for the professionalism that I was looking for. The project was refined without delay and without question on an ongoing basis, the services that Prism have provided me has been exceptional. Pradeep and his team of people are full of talent and expertise. We used MYSQL and PHP for our project with great results and recommend you consider these two combinations for your projects. Would we be doing business with Prism in the future, “Absolutely”, We look forward to the next project, thanks again.
Timothy Mackay

Once again Prism was fast, efficient, and produced results and follow up support far in excess of what was expected. Our project is now in the final stages of production and implementation so we will now utter a seldom used phrase in respect to using contract help, “Prism is a PERMANENT part of our development plans!” Considering all the late nights and helping hands they provide us we would use no other group to get the job done, and get the job done right!
Rod Johnson